I never thought I’d be confident enough to wear a see-through dress but now I'm so sexy, everyone wants the same outfit | The Sun

SHE struggled with her self-esteem growing up.

So it's understandable that Sixtine is celebrating that she has enough confidence now to show off her body in a skintight, see-through dress.

She took to her TikTok page to model the red and blue camo-style midi dress, writing over the top: "I'm finally comfortable enough with my body to wear a skintight see-through dress."

Underneath, she sported a black bra and matching thong.

"If only i could tell my teenage self how far i’ve come," she added in the caption.

And Sixtine looked so incredible in the dress that other women took to the comments section to admit they were desperate to get their hands on the outfit.

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"Bestie you’re absolutely rocking it," one wrote.

"okay sis you look beautiful!!! also where is this dress from cuz i feel like i need it," another added.

"Love the dressss, from where can i get it," a third commented.

"Girl you look amazing!!!" someone else wrote.

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"UM you look so good I’m about to go buy one," another added.

"What every woman should strive to be – so beautiful," someone else said.

"And you look gorgeous, stunning, beautiful!!!!," another praised.

"BUT WHERE IS IT FROM?" someone else asked.

"Ladies, this is the Jordyn Sheer cover-up from Matte Collection," another revealed.

"Just ordered from them last week. So excited."

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