I never wear a bra – people always ask me how my boobs 'sit so pretty' but it's all about my daily routine | The Sun

A WOMAN who never wears a bra is constantly faced with questions about how her boobs "sit so pretty".

Corey took to TikTok to share a video of herself sporting a white crop top, as she wrote over the top: "How do you get them to sit so pretty?"

"There's nothing to do it, you've either got it or you don't, and I happen to have it, praise the Lord," she lip-synced along to a voiceover.

She then added in the caption: "Real tips tho: never wear a bra and do regular massages.

"T**ties will be sitting pretty."

"Or genetics…." someone commented on the video.

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To which Corey replied: "Hence the sound."

"Thanking my mom for the good genes," another added.

"the massages are life changing tho," someone else wrote.

"It perked them a little, relieved tenderness, and got the blood flowing to encourage growth."

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"Massage upwards with pumpkin seed oil after showering, It’s magic," another commented.

"going down 1-2 sizes in stretchy tops will have biddies of any size sitting pretty, for any who feel like they don't 'have it'," someone else suggested.

As another wrote: "Pushups help the perk."

Not everyone agreed with Corey's video though, with one writing: "It’s 100% genetics.

"Please stop giving out false info on how to have perkier boobs.

"Chest workouts kinda work. But that’s it."

"They r just tips fam, bc I knew someone was gonna ask," Corey replied.

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