I ordered 20 small fries at McDonald's as part of my largest ever order – I did it for the best reason | The Sun

A MAN has shared how he made his biggest McDonald’s order to date, including 20 small fries and 20 apple pies.

However, social media user Tee’s Way explained that his huge food haul wasn’t for him to get stuck into, but for a hidden, heartwarming reason. 

Tee’s Way, whose TikTok profile is @hoppyiano0, posted a video to his social media account  of him in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

The American man can then be heard reeling off a list of some of the fast food giant’s most popular items.

As he sat in his car at the order window, he said: “20 small fries, 20 apple pies, give me 5 Big Macs…”

The McDonald’s worker then interrupted him to check that it was a “real order.”

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After Tee’s Way confirmed the list was legitimate, he continued: “Give me five fish fillets with cheese, and 10 Buttermilk Crispy Sandwiches .”

The cashier revealed that the total bill came to $199, approximately a whopping £160.

And once Tee’s Way had handed over his card to pay, he revealed the real reason behind the huge food haul.

He told the McDonald’s employee: “I’m doing it for the homeless.” 

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In a further good turn, he also gave the cashier $20 for his help and getting out the larger order with such a quick turnaround. 

And he didn’t stop there.

@hoppyiano0 combined the McDonald’s meals with brand new Nike shoes and headed out to hand out the presents to those without a roof over their head.

As he handed the McDonald’s food over to one homeless person, he said: “This is for everybody.

“It’s food for everybody like you, if you want doubles and all that,” he explained as he also handed them drinks he’d picked up and stored in his car.

He added: “There’s tons of food in there so y’all see anybody, just tell them come on over.

“Food everywhere, alright.”

And Tee – who revealed he did this every single day – once again dished out $20 notes to those in need, and also surprised several people with a pair of brand new trainers in their size. 

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He was met with a very warm response from those he gifted the food and clothes to, with many seeming to know him – presumably from past visits. 

And as he prepared to drive away, the group praised him and thanked him for being “such a good man”.

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