I quit my high-flying career for McDonald's – I wanted a job out of the house but it was so tough I quit on day one | The Sun

A YOUNG woman was told she “lost the plot” after quitting her high-flying corporate job to work at McDonald’s. 

Malaysia Mariah wanted a job that made her active… but wasn’t prepared for how difficult working in fast food would be.

She snapped up the position after realising she wasn’t cut out to work fully from home in her corporate position.

But the 18-year-old cried that she wasn’t sure if she would go back to McDonald’s for her second shift despite having “bills to pay”.

Talking to Tik Tok, Malaysia shared what her first day at the iconic chain was like. 

By the end of her first shift, she was in tears in the locker room. 

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She explained: “I quit my work-from-home corporate job to work in McDonald’s. 

“I had reasons.

“My reasons were: working from home made me lazy and, for me, I need to be out of the house to be motivated.

“So, I got a job out of the house to just get me out, get me more motivated, stop being so lazy.

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“I find I get more done when I have things to do.”

However, it all went downhill once she experienced the demanding reality of working in fast food.

Malaysia, from London, sobbed: “I don’t know if I’m going to go back tomorrow but I’ve got bills to pay.

“It’s just peak out here – this is literally me right now.”

Elaborating in the Tik Tok video’s caption, she penned: “Rethinking my life decisions but here we go.

“I definitely feel better getting up out of the house but WORK IS LONG AND I HATE PEOPLE.”

People told McDonald’s latest employee that she had “lost the plot” for even taking the job in the first place, dubbing it the “worst place to work”.

One said: “The way I cried on my first shift as well. Maccies ain’t for the weak minded.”

However, others were a lot kinder.

One person penned: “Well done for taking that step. Self analysis is everything.”

A second echoed: “It’ll get better. Trust your journey will lead to them bills being paid and happiness.”

McDonald’s has approximately 1.9 million employees across the globe and 120,000 in the UK.

The chain also has a whopping 1,270 restaurants in Britain.

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