I sleep with earplugs and a noise machine every night but my neighbour STILL kept me up, but I got the ultimate revenge | The Sun

SLEEP is one of the most important things to do for your well being. Doctors and millionaires alike constantly rave about the benefits sleep has on the mind and body. 

And this is exactly why one woman was left angry over being kept up all night due to the noises coming from her neighbour’s apartment upstairs. 

Looking tired with bags underneath her eyes as she stood in her home with a grey hoodie on, she told viewers: “Lucky for my upstairs neighbour who kept me up literally all night…”

“Lucky for her, I need to vacuum the ceiling this morning,” she continued with fake excitement in her voice. 

She then took her hoover and began dragging it across the ceiling before telling viewers: “Imagine that!” 

Laura, from New York City, then decided to throw a heavy ball at the ceiling. 

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“And also, yeah, that works too,” she went on. 

Laura went on to add that while people might see her actions as being dramatic, they aren’t. 

Holding up a container with earplugs in them, she said: “Let me also add that I sleep with the highest noise cancelling earplugs every night.” 

Moving into her room to show a circular device on her bedside table, she added: “And I have this noise machine that’s literally on 100.” 

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“So I’m not being dramatic,” she added as the video came to an end. 

“Lack of sleep will make you insane,” she wrote in the caption, warning those who make excessive noise during the night. 

People couldn’t help but relate to what TikTok user @lauramahachek was going through as one person wrote: “me seeing this rn with my upstairs neighbours doing their nightly rearrangement of all the furniture in their apt at 1am”. 

Another said: “My upstairs neighbours literally sound like he drops weights all night it’s been driving me crazy for 6 months”. 

A third shared: “Idk if it’s just me but sometimes I literally just want to go upstairs and ask if I can see what they’re doing that’s making all the noise.” 

While a fourth added: “One time I put a speaker up against the ceiling and played a “baby crying” video on YouTube w/ vol all the way up,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

Laura replied: “Lmao you are a GENIUS. Incredible”. 

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