I transformed my boring garden shed into a luxury hair salon and saved thousands on rent

KATIE BRAGG, from Tamworth has given new meaning to work from home when she had the genius idea of making her garden shed her hairdressing business.

In her TikTok video she showcased her new home business:  “Decided to get a cabin for my hairdressing in my garden.”

Katie spent £9000 for furniture, plumbing and electrics to build a cabin in her garden from scratch. She then took time filling it up with her hair products, mirrors from online retailer Wayfair, chairs and accessories.

Katie also joked that it took a lot of flirting to get the help she needed to build her cabin which is heated from the electricity inside the house.

The heating in the cabin is insulated in the floor and the roof and she also uses a plug-in heater inside.


Katie’s idea was met with many positive comments with many saying how adorable the chic salon looked. And it gave others similar ideas: “Been so tempted to do this for my nail business. I am currently using my living room.”

Another comment hinted at building a yoga studio in their garden shed.

Katie's social media is full of hair transformation and colour corrections, has had tons of enthusiasts wanting to try her unique salon with many commenting that she must have saved thousands on rent.

But some were sceptical of her choice adding that they would worry about the security of the place.

Another comment joked that they wouldn’t want someone knowing where they live or using their bathroom.

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