I tried the eyebrow lamination trend, they look so bad, people say they would die if they were me

ALONGSIDE treatments like Botox and fillers, eyebrow lamination has become one of the most sought-after beauty procedures in the world.

Promising a runaway-ready look every morning, it is no wonder why thousands book this appointment – and amongst them was Cassie, a mum-of-one.

However, things didn't quite go to plan, as the 21-year-old took it to TikTok to share the epic beauty blunder.

In a video, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up a whopping 1.6 million views, Cassie showcased the brows she thought she'd be rocking after the treatment.

The snap revealed another person's eyebrows before and after the lamination process – which made them go from thinner-looking brows tosleek and more defined.

Wanting to achieve a similar result, the mum decided to get hers done as well – though she didn't specify whether it was done by a professional.

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But instead of neat brows laminated in a 45 degree angle, Cassie's appeared to be almost straight, with some dark tone tint also having stained her skin.

Her naturally thick brows only made the look more intense and square-like.

To make matters even worse, the lady responsible for this also claimed, according to Cassie, that this was ''normal''.

''I’m embarrassed,'' she captioned the viral clip, adding she was ''glad'' she got a lift afterwards.

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''else I woulda had to get the bus looking like this [sic].''

Some horrified, some in stitches, viewers took it to comments to tag friends and share their thoughts, with one saying: ''I would die.


''I do brow lamination and they would be perfect is they were shaped properly [sic]!!''

''I’d never leave the house again,'' someone else agreed.

But whilst others were horrified, there were also a few who shared remedies, like this professional who advised: ''Get them wet ASAP and comb them down!''

Another beauty fan suggested: ''use a good brow gel and spoolie them down into a more softer position.''

Desperate to get her brows back into their natural shape – or at least create a less dramatic appearance – Cassie followed one of the recommendations and shared the results in an update video.

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Luckily, it seemed as if after going over with what appeared to be a wet wipe, some of the product did come off and Cassie was able to brush her brows down to a more natural look.

''Okay, that's so much better.''

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