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A MUM was desperate to use her favourite name for her baby girl but wasn't sure if she could after using an adapted version on her older son.

The mother absolutely adored the name Aurora and always intended to use the name and the nickname Rory for her daughter.

But when she had a son, and didn't know if she'd have a daughter, the woman decided to give her boy the middle name Rory, so it would be used somewhere.

Now that she is having her daughter, she wants to revert to her favourite name but isn't sure if she can, given that they've already used it.

Taking to Mumsnet to explain the dilemma, she said: "So with my son if he was a girl he would've been Aurora.

"However, he was not so the nickname I'd always loved and envisioned using for Aurora was Rory.


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"I gave my son the middle name of Rory as should I not have another child I wanted it in there somewhere!

"I am now pregnant with a baby girl and I still love the name Aurora however due to wanting to use the nickname Rory I'm apprehensive about using the name Aurora as I think it's a bit weird using effectively my sons middle name for my girls first name.

"It is however a name I've been in love with for 6 years and my partner still wants to use the name Aurora and we can't seem to agree on any other names!"

Fellow Mumsnet users all seemed to share the same opinion.

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One said: "Do it. You love it. Middle names are rarely used."

While a second agreed: "That's fine! it's not the same name at all."

And a third said: "I wouldn't care if my siblings middle name was my first name, or vice versa. Middle names are largely pointless tbh! Do it."

Another person shared the bizarre story: "My grandad was one of 12, all called Gordon. Even the girls. So I think you're fine!"

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