I wanted a baby shark party for my toddler – it looked like total c**p, they got her age wrong and still charged me £600 | The Sun

A MUM was furious when her toddler's birthday bash turned out to be a total disaster.

After forking out £600 for the party and explaining exactly what she wanted, the mum thought nothing could go wrong.

But her three-year-old daughter's baby shark party looked nothing like she imagined, even after adding her own decorations like balloons and baby shark stickers.

The mum explained on Facebook she paid an event space £600 for the bash, which included the decor fee.

But when the day of the party rolled around not only did the party look nothing like she'd hoped, but the planners got some key details wrong, like her daughter's age.

Their quick fix for the mistake was to put a sticker over the age, leaving the mum feeling annoyed.


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As for the rest of the decorations, she was expecting loads of balloons, snacks, and other fun things to make the day feel special.

But the baby shark theme was hardly there at all – the decorations were completely naff and nothing like what she requested.

By the time the mum had chance to ask the party planner what was going on with the decor guests were already arriving, meaning it was too late to change anything.

"At the end of the party I got some vouchers, a couple of things comp'd and left," the mum wrote on Facebook.

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Luckily, she managed to get the whole party refunded when she emailed the venue owner later that night and was sent some vouchers.

"Although the day of sucked, I was able to make it up at school and got some great pictures," she added.

Other parents couldn't believe the small party cost so much, especially since the mum ended up bringing most of the decorations herself.

"Sorry what decor did they provide? Without your decorations it's just a plain room? Glad you got it comped that's crazy," one commented.

A second agreed: "Did they forget to decorate? Genuinely confused. It honestly doesn't looked like they did anything."

And another wrote: "There's literally nothing baby shark there!

"A couple printed stickers on the back of the chair, and a cake? Where's the huge cardboard cut outs that was advertised?"

But not everyone thought it was such a disaster, one said: I think it was very simple and tasteful but that’s not what you were going for.

For an adult it is great. But not for a three year old."

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