I wanted a cool butterfly tattoo on my face but what I got was not what I had planned – I made a basic mistake | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than waiting patiently for a haircut, only to be disappointed at the big reveal. 

But what if your latest treatment is a little more permanent – and not at all what you asked for? 

That’s what happened to one TikTokker, @bigheadbonnie, who regularly shares lifestyle content with his 1,600 followers. 

In one of his recent videos, Bonnie shows off his new tattoo. 

During the 12-second video, the content creator shows what he was hoping to get – a small black and white outline of a butterfly at the end of his eyebrow, near his temple. 

Instead, he ended up with something totally different. 


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The reveal gained plenty of attention, with the video gaining more than 147,000 likes. 

In the comments, Bonnie’s followers joked about the error, with one writing: “I meeeaaan it looks like a bigger version of what you asked for. They wanted their work to be SEEN.”

Another joked: “It’s cute just a lil zoomed in.”

Someone else commented: “It’s not too bad. Just get some dreads.” 

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Another of his followers wrote: “I done watched this 70 times cause I wasn’t expecting this.”

Some questioned how this could have happened, as it is common for tattoo artists to stencil the design in the desired location first. 

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This allows both the artist and the client to check they’re happy. 

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One wrote: “So they didn’t show you the placement before tattooing that’s like a big red flag”

Another agreed, writing: “Did they not show you the stencil first??? or did you not feel them putting it on your forehead I'm so lost.”

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