I was a Domino's driver & got the weirdest delivery instructions – some were bizarre while others were just rude | The Sun

THERE'S an option to leave specific instructions for the delivery driver when you get a takeaway from Domino's.

But sometimes, people used it to leave the most bizarre requests – according to a woman who used to work for the fast food chain.

"So as a Domino’s delivery driver, you get the delivery instructions on a little slip, so that when you go to deliver the pizza, if the customer has given any instructions, then you can see that on the slip," Holly began her TikTok video.

"I’m going to show you some of the weirdest and craziest delivery instructions that I got working there."

She then showed a slip on which someone had written "shout over side gate".

"Instead of knocking on their door, that is literally what they told me to do," she said.

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"I didn’t do that, because I’m not going to do that."

Straight after that, on the same delivery route, she got another bizarre request as someone else had written on his: "I’ll be out the front of the school in a red hoodie".

"How weird does that sound?" she laughed.

"He actually was.

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"I had to deliver to, not an address, to a school gate and he was literally standing there waiting in a red hoodie."

Another slip gave Holly detailed instructions on how to find their property, which she noted she wouldn't be able to read while driving and might as well use her Sat Nav instead.

"This one was particularly nice," she said sarcastically of the next slip, on which was written "Knock and go".

"I’m sorry, how rude is that?" she said.

"They obviously didn’t want me waiting at the door but this was Covid time and you had to wait for them to answer the door, you couldn’t leave it in their porch – I don’t think you can even do that now.

"So I couldn’t knock and go, unfortunately for them."

Lastly, Holly showed a slip which read: ""Say belated Happy Birthday to Mrs Liew from Nick”.

"I’m sorry what?" she said incredulously.

"Their delivery instruction was for me to say happy birthday to someone."

"omg ‘shout over side gate’ how are people confident enough to ask a stranger to do that," one person commented on the video.

As another added: "I told my dominos driver to 'write me a joke on the box bc im sad' and they did and I cried.

"Best delivery driver ever."

"I’ve had one say 'don’t take too long, you’re always late' so I drove extra slow just for them," a third wrote.

To which Holly replied: "Iconic".

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