I was dress-coded at work and told my outfit was ‘too revealing’ – I’m really annoyed, there was nothing wrong with it | The Sun

AN office worker has been unexpectedly dress-coded at work for seemingly no reason.

Jenny Bonavita got in trouble for wearing an outfit that was "too revealing," and she doesn't understand why.

With a closet full of clothes and not too many places to go, Jenny's dress-up time coincides with her office days.

The young worker posted a TikTok explaining her unnecessary dress code for one outfit she wore, and she was mad.

Jenny opens up about how she usually works from home, but she likes going into the office because it forces her to dress nicely.

On the day she got in trouble, she had heard a coworker was going to be at the office. So, she decided to go too.

"I just got off a call with my boss, and she said she had some people yesterday, I'm assuming higher-up, saying that the outfit I was wearing yesterday was too revealing," Jenny admits.

"And it was awkward she had to tell me this. I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Nothing was even showing.'"

Jenny steps back to show viewers the outfit in question.

She's wearing belted baggy jeans, an asymmetrical long-sleeve purple top and New Balance sneakers.

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Jenny says: "I look like I'm about to cut the grass. A dad about to go cut the grass."

Because the top has an angled trim, a sliver of skin is showing on the side of Jenny's torso.

When she lifts her arms, the top rides up more.

However, when her arms are by her side, you can barely see her skin.

"I never put my arm up yesterday," Jenny confirms.

The frustrated worker compares her dress code to one a high schooler would receive for wearing a top that was "too distracting" for boys to see.

She changes into an outfit she wore to the office a few weeks ago that she thinks is "way more revealing."

Jenny puts on a short denim skirt with a baggy off-the-shoulder blouse that cuts low on her chest.

"I still think this is fine, but you're telling me I got dress-coded for those baggy jeans and I didn't get dress-coded for this? That's f****d up," she proclaims.

Jenny's office has a casual dress code, which is why she's so angry.

Jenny explains: "I don't like the fact that I'm trying to represent my personal style, and my company is hindering that."

Viewers had mixed opinions on whether they thought Jenny's outfit was appropriate.

One businesswoman commented: "In my office that would be a no… just because you’re not going to a club, you’re coming to a place of business."

"If this is what you wear to a club you need help lmao," Jenny wrote back.

"Um those outfits are fire 10 out of 10 . Seems like they don’t know style," a supportive viewer said.

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An understanding man admitted: "There is nothing wrong with that outfit that 50 yr old man is just jealous of you I’m 57 yrs old and I think it’s just fine."

"That is absolutely wild that you got codes for that," another viewer agreed, while one woman disagreed: "Liking this bc I love the top but also knowing full well I would get fired on the spot for wearing this."

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