I was fed up of my wispy baby hairs at the back of my neck so shaved them off – the results transformed my silhouette | The Sun

A BRAVE woman on TikTok has shaved the baby hairs on the back of her head in an attempt to style her mane up in a neat way.

We all have those strands of hair that are impossibly thin and never seem to grow past a certain point.

And no matter how much gel or wax you use, they never seem to stay where they’re meant to and end up ruining a ponytail within minutes of attempting to tame them. 

Now, one TikTok user, @thejennamichele, has had enough of the never ending battle with these strands and took to the social media platform to share her journey after taking the plunge to shave them off completely. 

“Something very niche came across my for you page yesterday and we’re gonna try it,” she explained to viewers. 

Wearing a grey jumper, she slightly tugged on the baby hair at the bottom edge of the back of her head as she continued: “We’re going to shave these baby hairs.” 


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“And I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re probably thinking oh my gosh, no don’t do it – but the girl in the video had such a good point,” she went. 

Arguing her case, she continued: “She was weighing the pros and the cons and she’s like they’re never gonna grow. Like they’ve always been here, they’re never gonna grow. 

“So it’s either live with them and constantly try to use wax and bobby pins and they all just fall down or shave them and keep up with that.”

Standing with her back to a mirror, she then explained how she doesn’t feel as though the baby hairs would look good if they did stay up, because then her hairline appears shaped like the letter M. 

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“So I’d rather shave them and have my hairline look a little bit more normal,” she said. 

Keeping the camera where it is, she then took a small razor – which is usually used for the area around the eyebrows – and began shaving the baby hairs off. 

As she did this, Jenna explained that she has a hair appointment with her best friend, who she believes will scold her for what she’s done. 

The blonde beauty then showed off the finished look as she explained: “I did it. No baby hairs here…” 

“I’ll be honest, I have cut my bangs before and I don’t recommend – but this I do recommend,” she added as the video came to an end. 

“The hairstylists aren’t going to like this one,” [sic] she wrote in the caption. 

While she may have been fearful of the response she could’ve had from viewers, she was instead met with supporters who said they had dome the same thing through other methods. 

“Lasered mine recently!” one person declared, to which Jenna replied: “I think I might do the same!” 

A second said: “I’ve been shaving mine for a few years and it’s great,” as a third suggested; “Get them waxed!!! You’ll be amazed at the difference !” 

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While a fourth shared: “I’m hairstylist and i do this i use a facial razor and it does come back with stubble but it is better than those awkward pieces”. 

“Ok this is the reassurance I needed,” Jenna responded. 

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