I was outfit-shamed by a stranger in a changing room – who says you can't wear see-through tops… but then got revenge | The Sun

SHE wanted to try on some cute, sexy ensembles.

But when Daisy hit the changing room, she found there were some other women in there, with one starting to outfit-shame her almost immediately.

So, to get her revenge, Daisy decided to buy EVERYTHING that the woman had slammed.

"Today a girl called me a sl*t in the changing room, so just to annoy her I bought all the clothes she said I looked like a sl*t in," she began her TikTok video.

"All these clothes are from Brandy Melville and I bought them all, and I'm going to show you them all."

The first thing she tried on was a see-through lace long-sleeved black top, which Daisy wore without a bra.

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"There were girls in the changing room topless but she was mad at me for wearing a see-through top," she said.

"It made no sense. She was just targeting all her anger at me."

Next was a black sundress, with Daisy saying she was telling her friend she'd have to shorten it as she's only 4ft 11.

"The woman actually laughed out loud, turned to her friend and said, 'We don't need to see anymore of her'," she continued.

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"And then I purposely rolled it up even shorter just to annoy her."

Lastly, Daisy tried on some shorts, which she rolled up at the waist, and the woman immediately said to her friend that Daisy couldnt' pull them off.

"I rolled them up like this because this is how I would wear the shorts, and she was laughing at me," she said.

"She made fun of my belly button piercing which made me feel really insecure because I just put that in today.

"And I was just really sad. I can't believe people are so mean."

Concluding her video, Daisy said: "Apart from that I really like my clothes and I feel good about them, so f**k you."

"Meany," Daisy captioned the video.

People were quick to comment on the clip, with one writing: "I love how you bought all the clothes just to annoy her. FDB."

"She was probably jealous of your natural beauty," another added.

While a third commented: "It’s just jealousy…. You look great in those garments."

"Damn some people can’t accept that some people are more beautiful than them," someone else wrote.

But others insisted the woman "had a point" in her analysis of Daisy's outfits.

"She’s right," one wrote.

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"She has a point.." another added.

As a third commented: "All you’ve really done is just prove her point."

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