I was told I couldn’t have kids so invested my money in fixing up a house – five years on I have 20 houses & three kids

A WOMAN has revealed how she was told she couldn’t have kids so she invested all her money fixing up houses with her husband.

Five years down the line, US-based TikTok user Addison Jarman now claims to owns 20 houses that she has bought cheap and done up – and also has three children.

Posting under @addison.jarman, she said: “Hubby and I couldn’t get pregnant. 

“Our options were fertility treatments or adoption (both expensive).”

She explained how she started a video business to make some extra cash in the evenings and weekends aftering working in her corporate job.

Her and her husband lived frugally and invested all their money in real estate.

She explained: “We bought distressed homes that had been vacant for years, fixed them up ourselves and rented them out.

“We kept investing all the money we were making back into real estate to fix up more houses.

“Within five years, we owned 20 houses free and clear and now we have three beautiful babies.”

Addison now has five to seven sources of income at a time and shares her best tips to her TikTok followers.

She advises to bring in as much income as possible through high-paying jobs and side hustles, and start putting five, 10, 15 per cent of each paycheck into savings.

She previously told People: “My husband and I believe in living below your means.

“Just because you’re making this much, it doesn’t mean that you should be spending that much. I think so many people are just working paycheck to paycheck and just spend too much. 

“You need to look very closely at what’s a need versus a want.”

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