I was told I was a 34B but couldn't work out why those bras never fit… then I realised I'm actually 10 cup sizes bigger | The Sun

SHE was initially told she was a 34B.

But when she tried bras on in that size, Madison found that they were gaping on the cup and loose on the band.

She then went for another fitting, and was correctly measured as a 24L.

Madison took to TikTok to share a video showing the difference between an ill fitting 34B bra and a 24L which fit her perfectly.

"Most bra size ranges are extremely limited," she wrote over the top.

"There are hundreds of sizes not catered to by the majority of brands."

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In another video, Madison explained that a woman's bra size is determined by their proportional measurements.

"How in the world can I be an L cup?" she said.

"Most people think that a D cup is one universal size. That's not actually how bra sizes work.

"Bra sizes are all about proportion – under bust measurement to the bust measurement.

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"I have an L cup proportion.

"Someone with the same amount of boob volume and a smaller measurement here would be a higher cup size and a smaller band."

She added that she has the same "boob volume" as a woman with a 22M bra size and another with a 30L size.

People were quick to weigh in on Madison's tale, with many revealing they'd been similarly told they were the wrong size.

"The classic bra stores telling me i’m a 40C, actually a 30H," one wrote.

"I just found out I'm a 32H and not a 34C and I'm flabbered and ghosted," another added.

As a third commented: "I just found out I’m a DD and this whole time I thought I was still an A or a B."

"I've been told that I'm a 32AA when I'm actually a 28DD," someone else wrote.

"And then the comments 'that's not what DD looks like'."

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While the US band sizes are the same as in the UK, the cups sizes are slightly different when they reach the larger end.

So Madison being told she was a 34B would be a 34B in the UK too, but her actual size of a 24L in the US is actually equivalent to a 24H in the UK.

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