I went shopping at Aldi – I didn't realize I was having a mortifying issue with my top until after I walked out | The Sun

AN innocent trip to Aldi for provisions has resulted in maximum mortification for one shopper.

What started out as a normal day of grocery shopping ended in acute embarrassment.

It was only after emerging from the store that she realized she had a cringe-worthy issue with her top.

This was not just any old issue, however.

It was pretty epic on the clothes fail front.

All Kirsty (@kirstylou9191) could do was hang her head in despair.

It started out like any other day when she decided to stock up on her food cupboard.

She wasn't expecting any surprises other than discounted food.

But she was in for a shock, and not the sort she wanted.

Kirsty's remit on her TikTok, where she has 18,000 followers, should have prepared her for this experience.

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“It’s just a bad day, not life," she said.

In her post, she described the whole sorry affair.

“Me walking out of Aldi today," she said, "and realizing I’d been shopping and my button had popped open.

If that wasn't bad enough, there was more in store for Kirsty.

"As well as my boob hanging out.”

All she could do was shake her head in despair.

“Wish I was lying," she said of the awkward event.

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