I work at Tesco and can tell exactly what type of customer you are based on your meal deal | The Sun

WE'VE ALL wandered into our local supermarket to grab a meal deal when we can't be bothered to make lunch.

And who could blame us? The selection is varied and they're usually under a fiver.

But one Tesco worker has revealed that she knows exactly what you look like based on the meal deal selection you go for.

Taking to TikTok, Elise Reid, shared exactly what you look like based on your order.

If your goto meal deal is a sausage, bacon, and egg sandwich with Walkers Max paprika crisps and a Red Bull, then you probably work in construction said Elise.

If you prefer a more balanced lunch and go for a caesar salad with a side of pineapple and an iced coffee – then you probably spend your work day stuck to your desk, as she demonstrates with a picture of a businessman.


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Next, Elise went on to reveal the hoisin duck wrap, vegetable sushi side and smoothie means you're probably a hip, young adult.

And if your choice of meal deal is a basic ham sandwich with a side of pink lady apple slices and a bottle of water then you're probably someone's nan.

The Tesco worker added another video revealing a tuna salad, pineapple, and iced coffee means you're probably a girlboss – otherwise known as a businesswoman.

If you're a prawn mayo kind of person and enjoy a boiled egg as a snack then you're most definitely an old man she revealed.

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Finally, if you grab a cheese and pickle sandwich, with salt and vinegar crisps and a Monster energy drink – then you're probably a goth explained the Tesco worker.

The videos went viral receiving over 160k likes and many agreed with the Tesco worker's observations.

One wrote: "First one was painfully accurate."

Another person commented: "The third one attacked me."

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A third penned: "The hoisin duck one was too accurate, get out of my Tesco purchase history."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I worked at Tesco for 8 years before leaving for uni last year and this is way too accurate."

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