I work in veterinary medicine – 4 breeds I'd never own, there was a consensus across my office but it's controversial | The Sun

SIX veterinary techs have got real honest about the dog breeds they'd never own.

The experts were in agreement, and narrowed it down to four types of canines they'd never call a best friend.

Taylor Carey (@taylorcareyracing), 21, filmed her coworkers spilling their least favorite dog breeds in a video on TikTok.

"Hey Tay Tay, what dog breed would you never own?" Taylor asked.

"A bully," her colleague replied, without skipping a beat on her response.

Taylor asked another coworker, who replied: "A German shepherd."


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A third coworker named Jess said: "A bully."

"JoJo what dog breed would you never own?" Taylor asked yet another coworker.

"Any sort of bulldog," JoJo replied.

She also asked her coworker, Mikey, who concurred that she'd never own a bully.

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Finally, Taylor asked her colleague Megan about her least favorite dog breed.

"Anything mixed with a poodle or a bully," she replied.

The general consensus calling the bully the least favorite breed drew in many viewers who had a different perspective on the dog.

"I personally own a Double XL and two mini American bullies," one wrote. "They make great pets and love my little siblings."

"My XL bully is so sweet," another added. "He is the best."

"What's wrong with bullies?" a third commented. "Sure they got medical issues, but you can help prevent them."

"I don't think I could ever not have a Bully breed," yet another wrote. "Best breed I've ever had.

"Looks like you have a Pitbull," Taylor replied. "We are talking about American Bullies."

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Some agreed with the veterinary techs, saying they had trouble with bullies as well.

"Dog sitter here and my vote is always bully, too," one said.

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