If you don't stick to a theme for a party, you're a terrible person

Celebs who didn’t stick to the Met Gala 2018 theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

Celebs who didn’t stick to the Met Gala 2018 theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

These celebs are absolute spoilsports – especially as they have the money and means to go big on any fashion theme.

But they also represent a certain type of person that’s far more prevalent than the uber-rich: the person who refuses to stick to a party’s theme, also known as a person who absolutely sucks.

These are the people who turn up to a Halloween party wearing a slinky black dress that makes them look incredible, knowing that everyone else will look a bit silly in their DIY mummy costumes and scary witch wigs.

They’re the ones who, when asked why they look so great when the theme was ‘bad memories of the 80s’ will pretend that the fact their dress is backless makes it fit the tone. It doesn’t, friend. That’s why we’re all wearing neon, acid wash jeans, and leotards.

The person who doesn’t stick to the theme is a terrible person, because they know full well a themed party is an easy win for them to show off how great they look. They go in with the knowledge that everyone else will be tugging the hemline of an awkward costume or wearing ridiculously unflattering blue eyeshadow, and use that to sweep the competition.

This person is an evil mastermind, knowing full well how easy it is to look the best when you’re not being restricted by a theme. They decide that actually, their general hotness is far more important than any carefully thought out dress code for a party. They are rude.

A party theme is not something that should be so easily dismissed.

The celebs who nailed the theme at the 2018 Met Gala

The celebs who nailed the theme at the 2018 Met Gala

It indicates that the party thrower has a distinct vision for their event and, having put effort into coming up with a decent vibe, requests attendees put effort into what they wear. That’s a small ask, when you think about it, and it’s just plain social decency to do as the host’s invite – whether with the formality of the Met Gala or through a Facebook event with an artfully selected screenshot from The Simple Life as the cover photo – demands.

You wouldn’t turn up to a wedding without a gift, or a potluck without a dish. To wear whatever you please to a fancy dress party is a crime and should be treated as such.

The person who doesn’t stick to the theme deserves to be rushed into a room and given the most unflattering unclaimed props to wear as punishment.

Oh, you showed up to my ’07 party wearing a cute bodycon dress? Here, put on these bootcut jeans and a ‘fun’ spaghetti strap top.

You turn up to the Met Gala wearing a spangly gold D&G gown? You’re either not coming in or you have to wear this massive cardboard box with the theme written on the front. It’s what you deserve.

Choosing to ignore a theme – or refuse to commit to it entirely, in the manner of wearing one piece of jewellery or pointing at your lipstick choice as though that’s enough – states to all that you believe you are above the ritual embarrassment of a costume party. It declares that you are too good to look less than perfect, whether that’s wearing something oversized that doesn’t show off your rocking bod or throwing on a costume that is more scary than sexy.

It’s deeply disrespectful to all those involved who have risked looking silly, and who have spent time and effort making sure they meet the requirements for attending said party.

People who don’t stick to party themes are awful, and we must all promise to never, ever be one.

Be the Rihanna of the Met Gala, never the Kylie Jenner.

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