I'm a celebrity tattoo artist – here's the tattoo EVERYONE regrets, it's impossible to cover up too | The Sun

A CELEBRITY tattoo artist has warned folk against getting the inking he claims EVERYONE regrets.

Gordon James, an award-winning artist from Livingston, has worked with plenty of famous faces such as Game of Thrones fave Hafþór Björnsson, music megastar Machine Gun Kelly and Scots UFC scrapper Paul Craig.

But he also works with the public every day and has noticed there’s one tattoo in particular that people wish they never got.

He says: “There’s not person I’ve ever met that has a tribal tattoo and doesn’t regret it.

“It might have looked good in Dusk Till Dawn with Brad Pitt but it’s not looking so good when you’re a nine to five.

“I’d just say good luck covering it up, you can’t cover up black with white.”

Gordon, who you can book here, adds: “Getting it off with laser treatment or amputation are the alternatives.”

The tattooist previously revealed the customer habits that annoyed him most.

He said: “Not washing their feet when you're about to tattoo their lower leg/foot and having to get them to douse their feet in deodorant.

“I've sent numerous customers to the shop so they can buy cleaning products for their feet.”

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But that’s not the only thing that annoys professionals and Gordon thinks it’s important to know how to keep artists happy.

Explaining other common complaints, he says: “When they turn up to their appointment bragging about their inability to feel pain or say it’s relaxing whilst getting tattooed only to be screaming a hour or so into the session. 

“Or when clients turn up to their appointment on a empty belly then almost pass out a hour or so into their tattoo.

“And asking you to draw up a design before they've even put a deposit down on the tattoo, not realising it can take hours to design a piece for the client. 

“Plus telling you they can get it done cheaper elsewhere, then getting it done cheaper and coming back asking you to fix it.”

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