I’m a country girl – everyone says my clothes are ‘inappropriate’ so I made my own uniform for the farm | The Sun

FRUSTRATED by unwanted feedback on her work clothes, one country girl took matters into her own hands.

Now, she has a pair of udder-ly unique shoes to sport on the farm – and everyone's impressed.

The Kansas-based cattle breeder, who goes by the nickname Mini Cow Girl online, has a massive following of farm fans.

That doesn't mean she avoids criticism, but it encourages her to have a little fun with her response to trolls.

In one clip on TikTok, the cowgirl captured herself raising her eyebrows at the camera while a pithy comment appeared onscreen.

"Your farm attire is inappropriate," the annoyed complaint read.

Mini Cow Girl set to work on a crafting project as a clip of Punk Monk by Playboy Carti played over the footage.

"Don't talk to me," the song demanded over and over.

Sitting at various locations around the farm, including indoors at a table and outside on a porch, the farmer concentrated on her work.

Then, she changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top for the big reveal.

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As she stood outside next to a trough, surrounded by cows, Mini Cow Girl showed off her fancy new footwear.

On her feet were hand-stoned Crocs, covered with rhinestones in a black-and-white cow print.

"Is this better?!" the farm fashionista asked her viewers.

The immediate response was enthusiastic. "Those are so freaking cute," one admirer wrote.

"I don’t own any Crocs, but this is making me want a pair to customize," another person admitted.

A few people were confused. "Just curious but how are jeans or shorts, and a T-shirt or tank top inappropriate?" one asked.

Mini Cow Girl responded. "The shoes, man," she wrote. "Saying we’re dumb for wearing flip-flops or Crocs."

"I live on a farm myself," said a fellow farmer, "and I had no idea there was a proper farm attire."

Other people accustomed to country living insisted there wasn't a true standard for what's "appropriate."

"I've bucked hay and fed the horses and chickens in a bathrobe and flip-flops," one farmer chimed in. "Farm attire is whatever you want."

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