I'm a country girl – men want to marry me when I wear cute dresses & a cowboy hat, but I have a big surprise for them | The Sun

THIS country girl likes to show off her charming side in cute dresses and cowboy hats, but even when she wears edgy clothing, men still want to marry her.

Jaid Kenzie is a cowgirl from Virginia who likes to share the glamorous side of country life by posting videos of herself in western fashion.

In a recent video, Jaid was wearing a light blue floral dress with a tan cowboy hat – a typical outfit for the country girl.

A snippet from RADIO SONG by artist HARDY featuring Jeremy McKinnon was playing in the background.

When Jaid was in her dress, the song sounded like a country tune, but then it turned into a heavy metal sound.

This is when Jaid transitioned into an all-black outfit.

She had black jeans on with a sheer black long-sleeve top.

Jaid traded in her cowboy hat for three metal necklaces.

Viewers flooded her comment section with compliments, calling her "absolutely gorgeous."

"You could post literally anything I'm probs gonna click the heart [button]," an admirer said.

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One TikTok user even asked for Jaid's hand in marriage saying "damn just marry me now."

While Jaid's viewers are usually supportive, she does get trolls who call her "fake country" and a "buckle bunny" because of what she wears.

A buckle bunny is commonly used as a derogatory term for women who dress up as cowgirls to attract countrymen.

"[It's] gettin a little old," the influencer said in the caption of one of her videos.

"Find some new material folks."

In the clip, she responds to a commenter who told her that "real cowgirls don't dress up or wear makeup," by lip-synching to Eminem's 2004 track Big Weenie.

"I don't understand. Why are you being so mean?" the lyrics go.

"You're just jealous of me."

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