I'm a cowgirl – I put on red lipstick while riding a horse, there are some smudges but it doesn't look terrible | The Sun

A COWGIRL who set herself a challenge to apply red lipstick while riding a horse has come out the clear winner.

Applying scarlet lipstick at the best of times can be merciless, but doing it while cantering on a horse requires another level of skill.

But it posed few problems for this horsewoman.

Though Sarah Brown (@sarahk_brown) did admit to a few issues.

"There were a few smudges, she admitted, but certainly none to be ashamed of," she beamed in her post.

Sarah's TikTok channel is enormously popular with more than 182,000 followers and another 2.1million likes.

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She is a ranch wife and modestly describes herself as a "cowkid wrangler," and “half-*ss horse trainer.”

Her lipstick attempt took place under stunning blue skies and sunshine.

As she cantered along, wearing a cowboy hat, jeans, and a tank top, she looked totally chilled on horseback.

With one hand on the reins, she retrieved a red lippy from one of her pockets and attempted to apply it to her lips.

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This should have been tricky, but Sarah appeared to make a decent job of it.

Her performance impressed a lot of her followers.

Some commenters said they did a worse job applying lipstick standing still on solid ground.

Typical of these was this comment: “You just make that look all too easy. I struggle putting lipstick on with a mirror," admitted this fan.

“Now that’s talent right there," said another.

Another confessed to lipstick disasters: “Here I am looking like the Joker now and I wasn’t even riding a horse.”

The final comment, however, was the biggest fan of cool cowgirls: “Cowgirls are my kryptonite," he said.

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