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WINTER weather got your skin looking dull and tired?

You're not the only one, but luckily a dermatologist has shared some of the best tricks and tips to brighten your skin and make you look younger in the process.

Dr. Divya Shokeen, a dermatologist from California, recently shared five of her must know tips on her TikTok account @drshoskin.

According to the pro, if you wear makeup or sunscreen you should be double cleansing.

"Double cleansing is going to change your skin," Divya says.

Instead of taking your makeup off and calling it a day, washing your face with a separate cleanser or face wash will ensure there's nothing still lingering on your skin.


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You can also double cleanse with the same product, the pro says – just do it twice.

Next, she revealed there's no point owning loads of fancy skincare products if you don't know which order to apply them in.

For the most effective results, sticking to the right order is key – and if you're ever unsure a good rule of thumb is to go from the thinnest to thickets products.

"The first is cleansing, the second is serum, the third is eye creams if you're going to use any, then your moisturiser and always finish off with your sunscreen," the pro explained.

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You should also know your skin type, the Doctor revealed, as this will determine the kind of products that are best for your skin – and it will be different for everyone!

And if you want to brighten your skin quickly, try a chemical cleanser to exfoliate.

The pro explained: "Using a chemical acid as a cleanser on a regular basis can really help to dramatically brighten up your skin, especially if you have oily skin."

And no matter what, "wear sunscreen everyday with out fail, whether it's sunny, whether it's raining, you've got to wear that sunscreen."

Divya says following these basic tips will help your skin glow and, in turn, create a more appearance.

People loved the helpful tips, and one person commented: "Double cleansing is a game changer!!!!"

A second wrote: "Check for all five rules!"

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