I’m a female construction worker – men don’t like to take orders from a woman and it’s maddening | The Sun

A MUM of three working in a male-dominated field is out to prove she can cut it like the best of them.

But it’s not all smooth running for Megan Anne, who works on a construction site.

She posts episodes from her working life on her TikTok platform, which has nearly 11k followers.

Her job is tough, rough, cold, and dirty, and she wouldn’t change if for anything: “God I love my job,” Megan says.

But this young woman forging a path few other women have, has to face some pretty outdated views and comments.

In her latest video she shows just what she is up against.

Blazoned in caption form, is the comment of one of her team: “I don’t take orders from females, even if you are a foreman.”

“True story," she says.

But this construction worker is undaunted and unmoved by the comment.

‘I Get Krazy’, by the Real Huey Freeman plays in the background as she gazes into the camera. “Me?” she responds.

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Comments to her post were supportive, with some bewildered that women still encounter such attitudes in the workplace.

One said: “It’s funny seeing guys say this, but obviously they aren’t good enough to do the job or they’d be foremen.”

“I’m always the only female. And since I’m the contractor the builders take orders from me," said another.

One guy commented: “I don’t take orders from people who know less than me in my field of work. Male or female. Knowledge and experience make a leader. Respect.”

A weary response from another: “The sh*t we gotta deal with.”

Finally: “That would drive me nuts.”

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