I'm a female cop – I showed how I get ready for a shift – people say I look 'stunning' in uniform | The Sun

A FEMALE cop divulged the details behind the case of her morning routine.

Officer Joseline revealed her usual pre-shift habits, and people were intrigued by how she looked in her uniform.

The hardworking law enforcement agent posted a "get ready with me" video before one of her work days.

Joseline started in the locker room to get in uniform.

"Good morning besties, get ready with me for work," she said.

First, Joseline pulled her thick bulletproof vest over her head and undershirt.

She proclaimed: "This thing is the most uncomfortable piece of equipment ever. But it's very necessary."

Joseline secured the vest with velcro on each side, then threw her long-sleeve collared shirt on top.

On the bottom, she wore matching long pants and shiny boots.

The look was fastened with a heavy black belt.

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Joseline added a clip of her backpack with stitched badges all over and her decorated locker.

She has three small polaroids, a keychain, and a magnet attached to the inside of the locker door.

"I always give my little Jesus Christ necklace a kiss so that it can keep me safe always," Joseline explained before she tucked the chain into her shirt.

Viewers complimented Joseline's post and told her to "stay safe."

"Cutest police officer," one enamored fan said, while a user added: "You're stunning."

Another woman agreed: "Prettiest officer."

A forward man wrote: "WON'T YOU CATCH THIS RING?!"

"You're are soo pretty wow you are living my dream," an inspired follower commented.

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