I’m a female lumberjack – I chop trees down and I make it look easy, people are impressed by my skills | The Sun

A FEMALE lumberjack has been chopping down stereotypes and thrilling her 77,000 TikTok followers with her chainsaw prowess.

Kim Both is as far removed from traditional notions of a lumberjack as can be.

Forget about bearded, flannel-wearing loggers.

Instead, we have flame-haired Kim, who is making a stamp for herself in this traditionally male-dominated environment.

She uses her platform to show what her working life is like.

Her work place is lovely, usually a wood, forest or somewhere in the countryside.

But life as a lumberjack isn't for the faint-hearted. It's rough, tough and can be dangerous.

Kim appears to be unfazed. In her latest video, she is dressed in regulation full safety gear.

As she approaches a tree ready for the chop, she carries a chainsaw.

Chainsaws can be a dangerous tool if not handled well and with good training.

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But Kim is a professional, and she slices through the tree with precision and an expert touch.

She makes it look so easy, like watching a hot knife go through butter.

She doesn’t even break a sweat as the satisfying cracking sound of the falling tree is heard in the background.

There is a lot of interest in her outdoors career, with over 640,000 likes on her posts of life as a “lumberjill and arborist.”

Veteran tree men are queuing up to show huge respect for her tree skills.

Some are even saying she could teach other loggers how to do it properly.

There were hundreds of comments on her post, most were impressed by the way she makes the job her own and is doing it her way.

“Great to see a professional using the right gear. Well done," said one enthusiastic fan.

“That was easily one of the most satisfying fellings I have ever seen," said another.

Learn from Kim, suggested others: “Finally, someone with the proper safety gear on. Take a lesson, guys.”

“Great job. Clean cut. Very safe.”

Finally, a bit of humor: “Never hear you say, ‘timber!’. Try again!”

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