I’m a fit gym girl – I wore an itty bitty bikini to swim in the snow, I go beyond my limits and people are impressed | The Sun

AN AVID gym goer revealed an unexpected step in her strength and conditioning process.

TikTok user Stella stripped down to a bikini in the winter snow before jumping into a lake.

"I like to go beyond my limits," Stella explained in the caption of her video.

The fitness fanatic showed off her impressive physique after removing her many layers of winter clothing.

Stella's toned midriff and muscular arms were on display as she modeled an "itty bitty" black bikini.

The influencer made her way across the snow-covered shore in a pair of swim socks.

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She then waded into the lake before submerging herself up to her shoulders.

TikTok users can hear Stella's loud screams at the cold temperature of the water.

"Oh my God," the content creator yelled as she briefly exited the water before running back in for round two.

Stella's followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the winter activity.

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"Bravo," wrote one viewer, impressed by the influencer's nerves of steel.

Another TikTok user said the water would be "too cold" for his liking.

A third person agreed. They commented that the lake at this time of the year would be "chilly and cold."

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