I’m a gardening expert – how to get rid of dandelions WITHOUT pulling them up or spending any money on weed killer

EVERYONE knows how inconvenient and frustrating it can be when your lawn starts to sprout dandelions at random. 

And with summer just around the corner, we’re sure we’re all in agreement that we want our gardens to be free of the pesky plants. 

Luckily, This Morning’s gardening expert Daisy Payne has exclusively shared her top tips with Fabulous on how to eradicate dandelions from your grass for good.

And the best news is that it’s not going to break the bank, as the most effective way to get rid of dandelions is absolutely free – and only involves a sheet of cardboard. 

Daisy, 24, a regular on the ITV morning show, tells us: “Firstly, I would say you might find dandelions a bit annoying in parts of the garden, especially in luscious lawns but they are a good early source of nectar and pollen for insects.

“So, if you’re keen to look out for wildlife in your garden, they’re useful for insects and bees. Having said that, if you’re finding them to be something of a persistent weed, getting rid of them can be tough.”

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Revealing her tried and tested formula, Daisy says: “If there are a lot of dandelions that you’re struggling to rid, I would suggest the no dig method. 

“Grab some cardboard and place it over the troublesome area, make sure it’s secured down. 

“Over time, the area will die back – including the weeds – and then you can lay new lawn, re-seed it, or create a lovely border or planting scheme with the confidence that your weeds are banished.” 

Over time, the area will die back – including the weeds

The green-fingered goddess also shared other foolproof techniques to achieve the same result, including how it’s essential to tackle the root of the plant.

“Dandelions have what’s called a ‘tap root’ and if you don’t get rid of it all, it’ll come back in no time at all. 

Daisy continued: “My top tip would be to dig it up from its root to get rid of it for good. 

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“I steer clear of chemicals as much as possible when gardening, so my suggestion would be to get a trowel or fork, and dig out the dandelion from the root.”

Meanwhile, Daisy, who will be presenting a gardening segment from RHS Wisley on Monday 9th May, has opened up about her love of the Spring season. 

She explained: “There are so many beautiful spring flowers that pop up in May – so it all depends how you look at them really. 

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“To some, when looking at a dandelion, they may think “ugly weed”, but I think they can be a beautiful ray of sunshine within a lawn, when they’re not out of control or taking over.

There are also so many other beautiful spring flowers that start to pop up at this time of year and I went to check out RHS Wisley with This Morning recently – my pick of my favourite spring flowers will be on the show this Monday, so don’t miss it.”

Catch Daisy on This Morning at RHS Wisley this Monday 9th May from 10am on ITV and ITV Hub

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