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EVEN if your garden patio is tiny you can still make the most of it this summer with a few simple tricks.

Making it look bigger is easier than you might think, and it won't break the bank either.

Speaking to Homes & Gardens, experts shared some of the cheap and easy ways anyone create the illusion of more space, and it's as simple as moving your furniture around.

Change the layout

Patio furniture shouldn't be plopped just anywhere, it's best to change the layout to maximise space by creating different areas for chatting, lounging and eating.

"Create a small conversation spot with a love seat or small sofa along with a chair or two.

"Ground this intimate chat zone with a neutral textured patio rug,' suggests Robbie Maynard, an interior designer based in San Diego, told Home & Garden.


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You can also opt for smaller garden furniture to make the space appear larger, and keep things modern for a more luxurious feel.

Add more greenery

Your patio will blend better with the best of your garden if there's plenty of plants and greenery creating depth.

If you don't have much space you can add climbing plants on a trellis to create a vertical garden.

"This can draw eyes upward, making the patio seem bigger than it is," says Kerry Sherin, consumer advocate at Ownerly explained.

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Hanging baskets are another great way to do this – you can switch the blooms depending on the season too.

Stick to neutral colours

Just like in your home, the colour scheme for your garden can make or break it's look.

Bold colours can be striking but won't make it look any bigger.

Instead, you should stick to colours like beige, grey and cream for a classic look and add interest with different patterns instead – the same goes for your garden fence.

"If you're feeling bold, consider a patterned stencil to add some personality to your space. Just be sure not to overpower the area," Joy Aumann said.

Don't clutter the space

Keeping things simple is a must if your patio is on the smaller side, so don't go overboard with different chairs, tables and sun loungers.

Pick a set you love and work around it with plants and a few simple accessories like pillows and candles.

You still want room to move around your patio, which you can't do if it's crammed with furniture and plant pots.

Perfect flooring

If you are revamping your patio before summer, consider changing the flooring to something that will enhance the space.

"Smaller tiles or pavers can make a space feel cluttered, while larger tiles create a more seamless and open appearance," designer Joy Aumann, founder of Luxury So Cal Realty, told Homes & Garden.

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Bigger tiles or slabs will create the illusion of a bigger space, so even it's a small area they're a good choice.

Alternatively, you could add large outdoor rug to your patio to create a similar effect.

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