I’m a gypsy and spent £77 on Primark’s new Barbie range – I love it all so much I’ll wear the PJs as daywear | The Sun

A TRAVELLER has shared her thoughts on the latest Barbie range to hit the shelves at Primark, with cute PJs she plans to rock outside the house too.

Fashion enthusiast Charlotte Ann, from Ireland, took to TikTok where she walked her fans through the new range at the high-street retailer.

Since the movie's release date was announced earlier this year, fans have been going crazy over the Barbie collection at Primark – and it seems Charlotte is no exception.

The range has proved to be a massive hit, offering velour tracksuits and pink pyjamas, and unfortunately, a lot of the racks were empty.

''Not gonna lie, nearly everything was sold out,'' Charlotte said in her video whilst shopping.

''I wanted the vest top, but they didn't have it.


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''Looked for the shoes – they didn't have none of them.''

Luckily for the style fanatic, her pal had promised to pop into her local Primark the next day to hopefully nab the sell-out footwear, which boasts bright pink slides for £8 and Barbie jelly sandals selling for £7.

During her trip to the store, Charlotte also stumbled across the vibrant and joyful PJ collection that had the Barbie logo printed on all of the garments.

One of them, the delighted shopper revealed, was a velour set that she ended up buying for rocking as outerwear.

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As well as admiring the garments, Charlotte also praised the beauty bits she found, including heatless curlers and bedazzled hair brushes.

In the end, she ended up picking up a hair detangler that set her back by £4.50.


Chuffed with the sparkly find, Charlotte said: ''I chose to go for that one cause it's more boujee.''

In total, the shopper paid £77.50 for the massive haul that came with a snoodie, the Barbie-themed brush, as well as the tracksuit set and other bits.

''I think it was well-priced,'' she said, adding that the cosy snoodie was her favourite find so far.

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