I’m a hairdresser here’s how you can give yourself trendy highlights in a matter of minutes | The Sun

LOOKING to shake up your style? 

Irish hairdresser Conor James Doyle has shared a detailed 15 minute tutorial on how to add an effortless silver streak to your hair.

All you need is some tape extensions like
@conorjmd from @easilockshair.

You’ll also need the My Kinda Blonde Anti-Yellow Maintenance Spray also from @easilockshair. 

Then you will need some Slick Hold Styling Pomade from @elevenaustralia_ireland.

First you will need to separate a section of your hair and separate into straight rows.

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If you have got long hair, clip they rest of your hair away to make the process easier. 

Then carefully tape the extensions to the roots of your hair on the gaps in between your parted rows. 

You might want to comb this through so the hair starts to blend.

Next, get some hair scissors and trim the extensions so they match the length of your hair. 

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Grab your My Kinda Blonde Anti-Yellow Maintenance Spray and spray it on the section of hair you have chosen with the extensions taped in.

You will only need a few pumps of this as Conor says ‘This spray is very potent on blonde hair’

Rake this through with your hands. 

By now this section of your hair should be wet with the product. 

Grab a brush and blow drying and blow out the poruct coated section.

If you’ve got some eyeshadow that matches the colour of the roots of your hair. 

You can use it to blend the taped ends of the new extensions with the rest of your hair. 

Conor finishes off by using a Slick Hold Styling Pomade which has a waxy texture that helps to create a shiny slick look.  

Only a small amount of the wax is needed for this. 

Rake this through all your hair to create shape and body.

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Then style as desired with a setting spray.

And viola! Simple and effortless highlights to switch up your look. 

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