I'm a Hooters girl – I made it into the 2023 calendar but then got even more surprising news | The Sun

THIS Hooters girl had been given the chance to be on the 2023 calendar, but then she received life-changing news that took her by surprise.

Oakley (@tulitaoakley02) likes to post about her life as a waitress at Hooters in South Carolina on TikTok.

In a recent video, Oakley shared a picture of her at a celebration for getting on this year's Hooters calendar.

The text on the photo read: "Finding out I made it in the 2023 Hooters calendar."

Then the video transitions into a picture of two positive pregnancy tests.

The text then reads: "*Gets pregnant right after*"

Oakley captioned the light-hearted video: "I don't make the rules, but at least she was with me for my signings," suggesting that she was pregnant with a baby girl.

Everyone in the comment section showed their support for the baby mama.

"Omg I'm so happy for you," one viewer wrote.

Someone else joked: "Surprise shawty!!!!!" and then congratulated Oakley.

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Another Hooters girl made the centerfold in the 2023 Hooters calendar and shared the achievement with her followers.

Madison (@madisongnovo) showed off her stunning bikini shot in a TikTok video.

She held up the shiny new calendar, showing a photo of her posing on the sand in a blue bikini.

Madison lip-synched to the popular TikTok sound bite that says: "Wow that's good. That's real good."

She celebrated the accomplishment draped in a "Miss Hooters International" sash.

The caption of the video read: "When I open the 2023 Hooters Calendar Centerfold & it's me."

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