I’m a hot mum and love cooking for the kids in my underwear – it’s so liberating and fun | The Sun

A curvy mum has revealed she loves cooking family dinners in just her underwear.

Chloe Sasha, 29, said her confidence took a knock when her marriage broke down but has learned to love her body again thanks to her unique meal prep routine.

It's also allowed her to become financially independent with an army of admirers on social media.

The mum of four, from Phoenix, Arizona, US, said: "I already cook for my kids and cooking is a little time consuming sometimes. I was like 'why don't I just cook and record myself cooking?'

"After what happened with my ex, I wasn't as confident as I am now.

"I was relying on my ex-husband financially, he was the breadwinner. Now I feel more confident because I'm not relying on anyone but myself.

"Cooking in my underwear or a bikini or even while naked has been so liberating. It's fun and feminine and makes me feel great.

"Now I'm very confident in my body. I'm more confident in the bedroom too."

She added: "My parents are Mexican so that's all I eat, they're the recipes I know how to cook.

"I love making fajitas, mole, tamales, pico guac and Mexican rice – that's one of the main dishes I like teaching people because that's a faithful [dish].

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"It's mainly men that follow me. They really enjoy it, they think it's hot. They want me to cook for them more.

"I enjoy it all – getting to teach in Spanish and English and them getting to see me in a sexier way but still cooking.

"I really like it because it embodies feminine energy."

But cooking in the buff can come with its own dangers due to the number of hot pans and ingredients used, something Chloe has luckily largely avoided.

Chloe said: "I've not had any injuries in the kitchen yet. I once got a little too close to a hot pan when I was dumping broth in it.

"I wasn't wearing a bra and the steam came up, I nearly burned my boobs.

"When that happened I was like 'alright, I've learned that lesson'."

What started as a way to help make ends meet has now evolved into a fruitful full-time career as a content creator.

Chloe said: "[After we split] I had to find an apartment in a not-so-good area where there was a lot of crime.

"I was working at a dental office as a receptionist and that just wasn't cutting it. I couldn't make ends meet anymore.

"I thought 'maybe I should try [cooking in my bikini online] because I am struggling'. I did and I started doing really well so I stuck with it.

"The first month I knew it was doing really well, I made the same amount that I was making at my office job – $3,000 (£2,280).

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"I was working round my schedule, now I can work on it all day.

"The second month of doing it I decided to quit my job because I made double [than the previous month] so I decided to put my two weeks in so I could focus on growing my pages."

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