I'm a lash tech and customers ask me the cheekiest things – one even asked if she could pay with her kid's milk vouchers | The Sun

YOU'D never go into Tesco and ask to pay for your shopping with your child's milk vouchers, would you?

So it's understandable that one lash tech was more than a little put out when one of her customers asked if she could pay for her lashes with the vouchers.

Angel took to TikTok to share a compilation of some of the cheekiest requests she's ever received from customers – leaving people stunned in the process.

In the first, she was asked if she could match the prices of another lash tech her customer had gone to the other day.

To which Angel replied: "Hi, my prices are my prices. These are non-negotiable."

"Hey girl, I just booked on your booking system but my friend wants her lashes done too," the next message read.

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"Instead of taking 3 hours to do my set can you just do both of us in those 3 hours but I still only pay £50?"

Unimpressed by the request, Angel replied: "Absolutely not".

"Babe, if I bring my own glue and lashes can you do them cheaper?" someone else asked Angel.

"My student finance hasn't come through. The struggle's real lol."

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To which she responded: "Of course. No problem, not my fault if anything goes wrong."

Things got even cheekier with the next message, as the customer had written: "Hey hun, I was driving to your studio and my car ran out of petrol.

"Do you mind taking me to the petrol station to grab more than I can come 30 mins later?"

As Angel hit back: "There's a petrol station down the road.

"I'll need a new deposit for your next appointment as I'll have to cancel if you can't be here within 10 minutes of your appointment time."

And the cheekiest request of all came from someone who asked: "Hi girl, I know this sounds so cheeky.

"Would you accept milk tokens as form of payment?

"My BD (baby daddy) hasn't sent any money for the baby but I'm desp for my lashes as I'm going out on Saturday."

And in an epic, mic drop response, Angel wrote: "Will the club accept milk tokens too?"

People were quick to comment on the video, with many taking the biggest issue with the milk token request.

"The milk tokens," one wrote, with skull and laughing emojis.

"I couldn’t BELIEVE IT," Angel replied.

"I cannot believe the milk token one …" another added.

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"I cannot physically believe these are real life humans sending you these messages girl WHAT," a third commented.

"The priorities are wildddd," someone else wrote.

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