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WITH summer soon coming to a close, you might think your work in the garden is done.

But, according to a lawn expert, it’s only just beginning, as now is the time for a key task that will ensure your grass survives – and thrives – in the winter months.

Gardening pro Michael shares tips and tutorials so you can ensure your outside space is the best that it can be.

And now Michael, who is known as The Mediterranean Gardener on TikTok, has shared that everyone should be focusing on their grass over the next few weeks – albeit having to cut it much less often.

He explained that now the warmer weather is wrapping up, you can officially “stop scalping your lawn.”

He then explained that Autumn marks the time period where you are practically winter-proofing your lawn, as he lifted the lid on what you should be doing now.

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Michael explained: “In Autumn grass grows more slowly so you can mow less often.

“Raise the height of your mower blades to around 4 cm – this will help the lawn to withstand the last of the warm, dry weather.

“It also keeps it resistant to treading as the wet weather arrives.”

Michael also assured those that have lawn mowers where blade height can’t be adjusted that they should be fine.

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When someone explained they’d recently laid a new lawn and don’t have that setting, he helpfully replied. 

He said: “Make sure new lawns are at least 5cms high before the first cut.

“I imagine it will be set at a standard height so I’m sure it will be fine.”

But as well as mixing up your mowing routine, Michael told his 169k social media followers that there’s another pivotal swap.

He continued: “You also want to stop using your summer feed, which is high in nitrogen.

“Move to an autumn feed, which is high in potassium to get your lawn ready for winter.”

Another of Michael’s top tips to get your garden ready for winter is to scarify your garden – the process of removing the brown material found beneath the green.

He explained: “The best time to do this is autumn or spring.

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“Use a spring tine rake to criss cross your lawn, or you can use a mechanical scarifier to do the same job with less time and effort.”

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