I’m a letting agent – people renting their homes often make one big mistake and it cost them thousands – how to avoid it

ONE estate agent said that so many of her clients do not know about this simple rule.

The woman. who manages rental properties in the US, said that she has had to give clients the bad news of a large bill they don't seem to know about.

Taking to her TikTok platform, the woman reenacts a situation with a customer that she calls "Karen."

Posting under the domain @wanderlustjuice she explains that some renters do not understand that there is a fee attached to breaking a lease.

In the post, she titled "Karen moves out before her lease ends she said that she welcomed a customer at the front desk.

"Welcome into some apartmenst, what can I do for you today", to which the customer replied: "I am moving out today, my apartment is 301, here is my key."


The estate agent began to check the customer out and said: "Oh it shows here that your lease doesn't end until April, so you are currently responsible for rent until April."

The customer shook her head and said: "No I'm moving, I got a new place already, I'm not paying rent here anymore if I'm not living here."

The letting agent explained that to break a lease, you either have to pay a break fee, which is two times the rent amount, or else she was responsible for the rent until the lease was over.

The customer responded saying "no sweetie, I'm not, well you have a good day now, bye-bye."

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In the caption, the woman said: "Me knowing our accountant will send them to collections."

"Bye," said the letting agent.

The post has been viewed over 317k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Reason number 197 practical life skills need to be taught in high school because parents don’t do it" commented one person.

Another added: "How do you get to be a full-grown adult without learning how a lease works?"

"How do people not understand this concept?? It’s not new" commented a third.

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