I’m a makeup artist and you’ve been removing mascara smudges all wrong, my hack’s a game-changer | The Sun

A MAKEUP artist has told how people are handling their mascara mishaps all wrong.

Sarah-Anne Mulder, based at Ego Hair & Design in Inverness, knows first-hand how annoying it is when it gets smudged on your face.

But she has also noticed that people usually make it worse in their attempts to wipe it away.

The 22-year-old expert, a Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards winner, says: "This is a good tip for making life easier when you accidentally smudge your mascara or get a bit on your face somewhere.

"Instead of trying to wipe it off straight away – which will usually smudge it and make it worse – just wait for it to dry and then use a clean eyebrow spoolie or brush.

"It will just chip off without leaving such a mark on your makeup that you need to cover up."

The expert previously revealed the customer habits that she finds most annoying.

She said: “It’s also a massive pet peeve of mine when clients come in and start moving my furniture about.

"My chair might look like it’s at a weird angle but it’s facing the ring light perfectly and also in the right place for me to be able to walk all the way around a client.

“But when some people come in they just grab the chair and scoot it all the way under the shelf so it’s like they’re sitting at a table.

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“That means I can’t move around them to do their makeup, so please just leave the furniture alone, it’s probably in that position for a reason.” 

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