I'm a mom – every time I shop at Costco I use these clever strategies to make sure I maximise my haul | The Sun

A MOM has shared her fridge-filling hacks to show you how to unpackafter a massive Costco haul.

TikTok users went crazy for the handy stacking strategies to make the most of a daunting food shop.

Organisational guru Niki regularly posts her cleaning and assembling tips to her 280K followers.

Starting off by simply cleaning her fridge, the cleaning enthusiast mum stepped things up when it came to packing her food and drinks.

She aesthetically files all the drinks across the bottom shelf, then uses a handy holder to store all her eggs.

Fans will be flocking to hardware stores to find all the cases and containers that stock Niki's fridge – including one to hold nothing but crème brulee.

She also shares a thoughtful tip to keeping food fresh by using a marker to remember the date the food first went into the fridge.

While most would quickly throw their grapes in and forget about them, Niki instead double-washes them with a 'pesticide purifier' before placing them on a dedicated fruit and veg drawer.

The huge food haul led her to title her viral TikTok: "That bill had hubby feeling weak in the knees – he had to get a scooter!"

Fans of the mom's elegant system flooded the comments section with praise.

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One said: "I cannot wait to reach this level of adulthood".

Another commented: "The Queen of grocery haul and restock".

"One day I will be this organized – so satisfying", said a third.

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