I’m a mum-of-12 and feed my kids their dinner in a crisp packet to save washing up – they love it | The Sun

A MUM-of-12 has revealed what she feeds her bumper brood for dinner to save on washing up.

US-based TikTok user Alicia Dougherty, who posts under @doughertydozen, uploaded a video sharing what the family digs into, including dinner from a crisp packet.

Alice showed what her kids ate for breakfast and lunch, but it was the unusual dinner that really caught everyone's attention.

She said: "For dinner we had walking tacos aka tacos in a bag.

She showed how she makes the portable meal in the clip, leaving viewers impressed.

"Open your bag of chips," she explained – in this case Alice used Doritos.

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She added: "Put in your meat, cheese and whatever toppings you want."

The savvy mum added sweetcorn, onions, tomatoes, olives, sour cream and salsa before crunching the bag together.

"Smush and shake it up," she said, adding, "Bon Appetit!"

The bizarre meal definitely saves on washing up, people were amazed they hadn't heard of it before.

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One user said: "I have to try that taco in a bag it looks sooooo good."

Another quipped: "Walking tacos for the win!"

Another mum shared: "We have walking tacos all the time!

"Love them, I cut the bag open on the side so the opening is bigger!"

And another said: "Omg I love this! No mess to clean up!!"

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