I’m a parenting expert & time outs NEVER work – you can still be firm while being kind, here’s what you should do

A PARENTING expert has revealed why she thinks time outs and counting down from three never work when it comes to disciplining kids.

Mum-of-two Dr Vanessa Lapointe, a speaker, author and parenting educator, says parents can stop with these "ridiculous strategies" and revealed what we should be doing instead.

She agreed that you do need to set strict rules and boundaries, but time outs aren't the way to do it.

"You can be firm while being kind," she said in a clip shared on her TikTok page, before demonstratinghow parents should be communicating with their kids

She said: "I know you really want that cookie. It's so frustrating when mummy says no and you want the cookie, and no you can't have it. "


"I know you're mad, if I were you I'd be mad too, but no, you still can't have it."

According to Dr Vanessa Lapointe, this is a good example of being firm while still being kind.

She went on to say that there's no need to explain the reasons why your child can't have the cookie.

Just be sure you are clear that the answer is no, without relying on "threats".

Many parents were thankful for the tip but admitted it doesn't always work with their kids.

The expert said it can take some time to readjust if it hasn't worked before, but this method with help when it comes to child development.

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