I’m a property expert, my tips will keep your house cold AND help you sleep in a heatwave

SUMMER is here and with it comes heatwaves and the disastrous attempts to sleep at night when you feel like a lobster boiling in a tank.

Most Brits do not have air conditioning in our houses meaning that when temperatures start to sore we can find it increasingly difficult to cope.

Well no more, thanks to these top tips from That Property Guy that will keep your house cool despite those rising temperatures. 

Sharing his tips to his 474.9K followers, he starts by saying: “I don't know about you but I'm starting to struggle with this heat, so here are some ways to keep your house cool.”

That Property Guy’s first piece of advice is to keep windows, blinds and curtains shut during the day. Admitting this might sound daft, he explains that by doing this you will actually keep the hot air out of your home.

If you do need to open windows he suggests doing so at opposite ends of the house as this will create air flow. You can also open any windows you may have in your loft.


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You’ll also want to circulate some cooler air inside. To do this he suggests filling up some bowls with water and ice and leaving them around the house. You can also place these near fans for some extra coolness.

Try using the oven less and instead cook outside on the BBQ. Ovens produce a lot of heat and can leave your kitchen, and the rest of your house, hot as well.

When it starts heating up you should also get rid of your duvet, but you should consider keeping the duvet cover – That Property Guy suggests putting this in a bag in the freezer a little while before going to bed. 

This can cool your right down at the end of the day and ensures the heat won’t keep you awake all night.

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Changing halogen light bulbs to LED ones will also reduce the amount of what circulting inside your house. LEDs are also better for the environment and can reduce your energy bills.

When not in use, all major appliances should be turned off. This can stop you feeling hot and flustered as these can produce a lot of heat.

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