I’m a psychic – this is what your mom wants on Mother’s Day based on her star sign

EVEN though she raised you, your mom's preferences can be a mystery, so planning the perfect Mother's Day meal is a challenge.

Luckily, there's somewhere you can look for guidance: mom's star chart.

Celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman teamed up with Fentimans to decode what each mom wants based on her zodiac sign.

"Each person's astrology can go a long way towards explaining their qualities and their quirks," said Honigman. "Make sure you get stuff right!"


Aquarius moms are “the most chilled out moms,” Honigman said – an attribute you'll also see in the other air signs, Libra and Gemini.

An Aquarius is often known for being imaginative, rebellious, and non-traditional, so your Mother's Day plans should reflect those traits.

Honigman recommended stimulating your mom's imagination with a drawing or painting workshop (bonus points if there's wine involved).

Add an artistic flourish to the food when you plate it, and try to surprise her with a unique dessert or non-traditional side.


Pisces parents are instinct-driven, and her especially down-to-earth children may have trouble tapping into her headspace when planning the perfect day.

"Surprise her with a delicate meal that is all about embracing the senses," the expert said.

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Try fresh, flavorful foods, like roasted veggies, stuffed sweet potatoes, and guacamole made tableside, Honigman advised.

You'll score bonus points if her favorite music is playing in the background or if you eat somewhere with a pleasant view.


Aries moms are super supportive.

They're the cheerleaders who dance nonstop at family weddings and go above and beyond for every milestone birthday.

Honigman says the best way to show your Aries mom love is with a spicy margarita that reflects her zest for life.

Take mom out to her favorite Latin restaurant, and don't worry about how many free chips you eat – the perfect Mother's Day for this mom ends with a night of dancing!


Monday morning, you'll probably want to skip breakfast after sharing Mother's Day with your Taurus mom.

“A light and airy Gemini mom may not enjoy a substantial hearty dining experience – but a Taurus mom will,” said Honigman.

Show this mom love the way she gives it to everybody else: with a hearty meal.

Serve every course with gusto, pick a filling entree, and don't skip dessert.

Crème caramel or lemon sorbet are perfect seasonal options to end your meal.


The best gift you can give a Gemini mom is quality time (and the gossip that comes with it).

Have you treated your mom to a cocktail-making class yet?

That's a great gift and activity for these moms, who love trying new things and building up their entertaining repertoires.

Tapas or other shared plates are a great choice for dinner, because small bites are conducive to conversation.

Even if it's "her special day," your Gemini mom will want to hear everything that's new with you.


The "mom" of the zodiac, Cancers are sentimental, caring, and nurturing.

That's why your Cancer mom will love a homemade meal – especially if it's in her own home.

Distract mom in the morning so you have a chance to decorate her favorite space, and make things extra comfortable for her.

After giving gifts (a homemade photo collage or cozy throw would be well-received), try your hand at a family recipe.

Spend the meal sharing family memories and remembering happy holidays from years before.


If your mom is a Leo, you probably grew up braced for spontaneity and surprises.

It'll be hard to one-up a Leo mom, who lets her intuition and authenticity dictate how she lives.

So, lean into the spectacle, with a high-class steakhouse dinner or a trip to the trendy seafood place downtown.

Maybe you can pull off a surprise after all: add a champagne toast to the end of the meal or have a flambé cake brought out to impress her.


A Virgo mom is neat, orderly, and almost always right.

That means she knows exactly what she likes, and she'll never hesitate to tell you so.

This mom will fawn over a neat, tidy charcuterie board, or a classic dish like ratatouille, executed perfectly.

Spring for a nice bottle of red wine, and share it on Sunday evening.


Libras aren't regular moms. They're cool moms!

They're also focused on balance and equity, so if you have siblings, make sure to clue them in to your plans – mom will want all her babies with her on Mother's Day.

Take your Libra mom somewhere fun, like a cocktail bar with elaborate botanical accents, or an exclusive restaurant with decor that will shine on her Instagram.

Toast with strawberry daiquiris and then polish off a plate of photo-worthy food.


Growing up with a Scorpio mom, it might have taken you a long time to realize the depth of her personality.

These moms are known for being mysterious and passionate, so don't worry about finding a restaurant where she can "see and be seen."

Instead, look for a rich sensory experience at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

Menu items like spinach and goat cheese tartlets, poached shrimp, and bacon-butter radishes will fascinate Scorpio moms.

She'll want a Bloody Mary to wash it all down – offer to drive so your mom can indulge all she likes.


If you live near the water, then planning an outing for the Sagittarius mom takes care of itself. Just head to a beachside restaurant or buy a day pass to a local resort.

If that's not an option, capture the Sagittarius mom's spirit of adventure in another way.

You can head to a tearoom you've never visited before or a farm-to-table restaurant where the menu changes every day.

This is the day to engage in whatever new activity your mom's been wanting to try, so be ready for anything. You could be headed out for a hike or a trip to a new art exhibit.


Capricorn moms are loyal and disciplined, and they'll believe in you no matter how little you believe in yourself.

These moms value working hard, and you can make her extra proud on Mother's Day by doing just that.

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What's her favorite meal? Find the recipe online, and do your best to recreate it.

Challenge yourself when it comes to cocktails and dessert: remember, your mom will love you no matter how your chocolate souffle turns out!

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