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THE KING's Coronation will take place tomorrow, which means we will be seeing a lot of royal faces out celebrating.

We all know we have our favourites – from the steadfast Queen Elizabeth II to cheeky Prince Louis, and psychologist Emma Kenny speaks exclusively to Fabulous to reveal what your favourite Royal Family member says about you.

Kate Middleton

The Princess of Wales is well loved by members of the public for her impeccable dress sense, motherly ways and devotion to the job.

Emma says: "Your family is everything and you place everyone else’s needs above your own, even when this is at a cost to your own happiness and wellbeing.

"You are sensitive and thoughtful, but there is a steely side to your nature and should someone break your trust your ability to freeze them out is second to none.

"Those loved by you count themselves very lucky as they will always be your priority, and you will rarely, if ever let them down."


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Prince William

For those who are invested in the future king's moves, it might mean you're big on analysing every outcome before making a decision.

Emma says: "You are a perfectionist by nature and you care deeply about getting things right.

"You tend to think carefully about your actions as opposed to being impulsive, or spontaneous as you feel that prevention is better than harm.

"You are certainly not a walk over and will speak your mind when provoked, but you prefer to avoid conflict and instead focus on solutions as opposed to problems."

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King Charles III

Ever the traditionalist, keeping up appearances is important to Prince Charles – but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to have fun. 

Emma says: "You love tradition and feel that you should always try to achieve your goals and live up to the expectations of others around you.

"Whilst on the outside you appear to be more of an introvert, in truth you have a mischievous streak that those closest to you enjoy.

"Whilst you are not easy to get close to, when someone achieves your trust you offer them a loyalty that is rare in relationships."

Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla seems to be settling into her new role perfectly, and knows a thing or two on how to entertain people while being assertive.

Emma says: "You are naturally witty and always full of surprises and you love it when people underestimate you as you enjoy proving them wrong.

"You are incredibly patient, but you also have an intimidating side and you do not suffer fools gladly.

"Your quietly assertive nature means some are wary of you, but in truth you are more of a pussy cat than a lioness."

Queen Elizabeth II

While Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away in September last year, she still holds a special spot in the nation's heart for her steadfast commitment to the country.

Emma says: "You have a rare resilience and can turn your hand to anything, which often means that you are inundated with requests to sort out other people's problems.

"Whilst you enjoy being considered a capable individual, you are good with personal boundaries and know when to say ‘no’.

"You dislike petty behaviour and are happy to quietly call out those around you who need putting back in place."

Princess Anne

Never one to shy away from sharing her opinions, Princess Anne embodies the stiff-upper-lip that us Brits are known for.

Emma says: "You are incredibly strong, enviably capable and always considerate of others.

"Your energy is unparalleled and you seem to be able to problem solve in the most challenging of moments.

"Whilst some consider you to be a little on the blunt side, in reality you are simply honest and forthright and prefer to save time by being honest about what you truly think."

Prince Harry

Always one to follow his own path, Prince Harry embodies going against the grain.

Emma says: "You are a free spirit who sees the world as a place full of possibilities and you despise feeling tethered, or becoming caught up in the humdrum mundanity of life.

"You crave excitement and adventure and have a childlike quality that encourages others to rediscover their sense of play.

"You feel deeply and at times you struggle emotionally due to your sensitive nature."

Meghan Markle

Always thinking one step ahead, Meghan Markle won't be seen at the Coronation as a source claimed "Meghan doesn’t want any more rifts" with other members of the royal family.

Emma says: "You have a determined and passionate nature and at times this can mean that you forget to live in the present because you are busy planning tomorrow.

"You have a small circle of trust, but those within it find you loving and fun, and they are helpful in reminding you that a little spontaneity can spice up your life.

"You wear your heart on your sleeve which can be a little overwhelming for the more reserved around you."

Prince George

Always ready to step up for royal celebrations and put it on his best face, Prince George is always ready to try something new.

Emma says: "You have a passion for learning and are never happier than when you are acquiring a new skill, or reading a new book, because you believe life is all about growing and developing.

"Your natural humility means that you are a sage friend and excellent colleague which makes you popular in all circumstances.

"You have a philosophy that life should be fully lived and you make every effort to put that belief into action."

Princess Charlotte

The middle child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte is always the centre of attention thanks to her candid nature.

Emma says: "You have a sweet nature that lights up the lives of those close to you.

"Your ability to see the good in everyone means that you tend to remind others that it is better to concentrate on the positives as opposed to the negatives in life.

"Your natural optimism is infectious, meaning that you are never short of social-invites and your charismatic nature makes you the centre of every event."

Prince Louis

Prince Louis seems to grab the spotlight wherever he goes thanks to his cheeky demeanour – whether it's sticking his tongue out at the cameras or covering his mu's mouth.

Emma says: "You are playful, and refuse to follow the crowd and your spontaneity is to be envied as it embodies a fearlessness that few of us will ever achieve.

"You are a force of nature that can at times be a little hard to handle, but you are also incredibly loving and full of fun.

"You have an uncanny ability to always find time for those you care about no matter how busy you may be."

Lady Louise Windsor

The low-key Lady Louise Windsor is often kept out of the spotlight – giving her lots of time to ponder on life's possibilities.

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Emma says: "You are a dark horse, and you secretly enjoy the knowledge that very few people ever know what you are truly thinking.

"You keep your cards close to your chest and from time to time can appear a little distant, when in truth you are merely thinking up your next adventure."

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