I’m a shopping whizz – how to find coupon codes online in seconds and you’ll be surprised how easy they are to guess

MANY online shops have discount codes – but that doesn't mean they make them easy to find.

Luckily, one woman has claimed there is a simple way to save money on your online orders, and a lot of it is a simple guessing game.

Shopping whizz and lifestyle influencer Brigette Muller, from the US, shared the hack on TikTok.

And Brigette''s 'life hack' has since gone viral with over two million views.

She revealed it was super easy to guess coupon codes as many stores use the same words and numbers as their discount codes.

The savvy shopper got straight into which ones to try when checking out your order.


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Brigette said: "Just try welcome10, welcome15, then try welcome," when the website asks for a coupon code.

If those don't work she suggests trying the name of the company plus 10, as she shows how it's worked for one of her own online orders.

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She said if it's a more 'hip' company to try the word hello – and add a number to the end to see if that will give you a discount.

Often the number a the end stands for how much of a percentage of the money will come off your order.

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She adds: "You'll be surprised, good luck!"

Viewers of the video were impressed and many shared their own coupon code hacks.

One said: "I worked customer service and created these for the company… try SORRY, SOSORRY, SORRY10, SORRY15. Used that all the time when we made a mistake."

"Also search the company name on YouTube and sort by past week and you'll find sponsored videos with codes," another added.

A third suggested: "If all that fails, FREESHIP or FREESHIPPING almost always works!!"

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Many people were thrilled by Brigette's and others' recommendations, one wrote: "How do I save a comment section?"

"When I tell you I’ve never screenshotted a comment section more," said another.

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