I'm a size 6, my mom tried three of my outfits and slayed but everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

ONE OF the latest TikTok challenges circulating on phone screens features kids dressing their parents up like them – clothes, makeup and all.

One user, Logan Hill, has shocked her followers with her mom's dramatic transformation.

In her video, she said: "Mamma Jen really popped off in this one, the whole family was SHOOK!"

The video shows Logan's mom Jen walking into the room and posing in her own outfit at first: leggings, a navy blue top and sandals.

Jen quickly turns on her heel, and walks back in wearing one of Logan's fashionable outfits.

Mom Jen models a hot pink romper with a belly cut-out, paired with matching metallic pink heels.

Viewers were shocked at how amazing she looked: "She's so cute! Proof that styling is 90% of it all."

Another said: "Pink is her color!"

Other viewers found Logan's dad's reaction to be the best part of the video.

He can be seen in the background of each clip, admiring his beautiful wife as she models the clothes.

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Logan's followers found it hilarious: "If my future man doesn't admire me that way, then I don't want him."

"Your dad fell in love again!"

Jen also modelled an off shoulder white and gold flowered matching set.

She playfully kicked up her heel to pose with the matching oversized trousers.

The final outfit made Logan's followers jaws drop.

Jen strutted her stuff in a beige brown long sleeved linen dress, with a hoop cut-out around the hips.

One viewer said: "The brown dress is hers now."

Another TikToker went viral for sharing her mom's transformation into her clothes.

Lauren changed her mom from middle-aged to a sassy, bags full of attitude teen.

She captioned the video: “Turning my mom into me,”

Her mom dressed down, with her hair pulled back in a hoodie and a nightgown.

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But when the transformation takes place she could be a different woman altogether.

She wears Lauren’s tight black jeans, a midriff-revealing crop top, a sheer black shirt, black bag, headphones, and shades to complete the much younger look.

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