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A FASHION whizz has shared the top tips you need to ensure you always style your clothes like a pro. 

Emily Elizabeth May is all about slow fashion and aims to “help women dress better and fall in love with their wardrobes”. 

She often shares videos on fashion, covering everything from how to style one item in multiple ways to recreating Pinterest outfits. 

And in one clip shared on her YouTube channel, she addressed a series of “amazing fashion hacks you wish you knew earlier”…


Australian-born Emily, who has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, said she could turn any T-shirt into a crop top through multiple methods.

Demonstrating in her video, she used a hair tie to tighten the back of her Harley-Davidson themed shirt and tucked it inwards. 

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“Or you can do this and use two elastic bands and tie it on either side of your hips,” she said. “And then tuck them under.” 

The third trick around this is to tuck her T-shirt into her bra to create the cropped top look. Another way of doing it is to use a hair tie at the front in order to show off some skin. 

She added that this can also be done with oversized jumpers. 

Emily said you can also use a similar trick to style dresses. Placing a jumper over a long dress, you can use a belt to tie around your waist before pulling the excess out and folding it over the belt. This gives the outfit more structure. 

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Emily used a scarf to protect her white T-shirt from make-up

Emily explained that she has a clever trick to prevent make-up from ever transferring onto your white clothes.

“But I’m also going to show you how to take it off without getting your make-up on," she shared.

She then shared a clip of herself posing with a “pristine” white T-shirt with a full face of make-up. 

Taking a silk scarf, she simply placed this over her head, covering her entire face, before putting the white T-shirt on over it. 

“Once the top is one, I’m just pulling out that silk scarf… et voila! I’ve got my T-shirt on without getting any make-up on it,” she said. 

“Using a thin, silky scarf is really good as well because it’s very gentle against the face and it doesn’t take your make-up off.”

And to take the T-shirt off without leaving a trace of foundation on your shirt, you simply do the same thing with the scarf… just in reverse. 

If you don’t have a scarf, however, you can use your long hair to cover your face and protect your make-up while putting a shirt on, which works “just as well”. 


Another styling hack of hers was on how to style a scarf around your neck without it looking messy. 

She explained that the best way to do it is to wrap the scarf around without getting it twisted.

“And then both lengths that are coming down, one should be slightly longer than the other,” she said.

“You’re going to want to tie a knot at the front and then use the scarf to kind of sit on top and lightly cover that knot up.” 


Crediting social media user @jessicawangofficial, shared a clever hack that allows you to turn a handbag into a backpack. 

The method involves placing the one strap around your neck, weaving your arms through each side of the strap before flipping the bag over your head to sit on your back. 

While it didn't completely work on her, she said those with cross body bags that have longer straps could do this trick easily.


She continued: “So the next hack is something that I’ve done for years and it’s got something to do with lint brushes.”

While she said her brush is “amazing”, she doesn’t always have a lint brush on hand. 

In a bid to remove any fluff or fur, she uses sticky tape or packing tape to gently get rid of it all. 

Emily simply wraps a piece of tape around itself before weaving her hand through it and tapping it on her clothes to lift the lint off.


Emily then moved onto how to combat the yellow sweat marks that can appear on white T-shirts without using bleach.

“I don’t like to use bleach in my household, so I’m always trying to look for different ways of getting rid of stains out of white items,” she said. 

After trying a hack that failed, she then mixed together a tablespoon of salt with three tablespoons of baking soda alongside a tablespoon of vinegar and water. 

She then placed the paste onto the armpits of the shirt and let it sit for an hour and a half. She then put it in the washing machine and returned later in the evening to get rid of the majority of the stains. 

Not satisfied with this, she tried one more hack to remove the stains by using hydrogen peroxide.

Mixing it with water, she placed the solution on the stains alongside a sprinkle of baking soda before leaving it to rest for 30 minutes. She then put it in the wash once more and returned to find the stains had almost completely disappeared. 

“This is proof that the internet lies,” she said, explaining that not all tips online work 100% of the time. 


Another hack of hers involved adding a hole to her belt by drilling into it, explaining: “If you find a belt that’s too big for you, that is an option.” 

Emily said you may need to drill on either side several times to get the hole to look clean – as if it was always meant to be there.


She then shared how to keep the sleeves of your raincoat up by using a pair of hair ties. 

She simply placed it over each arm before folding the fabric over it to create a “messy” yet organised look. 


Her next hack was one she learned from her subscribers. 

Taking out a knitted jumper that had a thread sticking out slightly, she simply pulled on the outside to try and realign it back into place.

But, when it comes to bigger knit items, she said you’ll need to get a needle out of your sewing kit. 

“You want to use that needle to very delicately push that pull back in the other way,” she explained. “It’s so easy and your items of clothing are going to look so much better.”

People flocked to the comment to share their thoughts on her hacks as one person wrote: “Great video! I love the hacks you suggested. 

“My own hack is when I have a white tee that gets old and stained, I use tea to dye it and I wear it under my wool or cashmere jumpers. 

“This way, you keep your jumpers clean, especially when you sweat under the arms and it helps when the sweaters are itchy too.”

Another posted: “Hi! I’ve used your ‘scarf over the head to avoid make up on your clothes’ technique for two years now! You mentioned it in a hacks video a long time ago. 

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“Now, I travel with a thin scarf for that reason! Thank you for your videos! Love from the USA!” followed by a red heart emoji. 

While a third added: “I've used the hair band trick to tie up the front of a top, but never thought to use on the sides! Great ideas”. 

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