I’m a tired mum – I spent eight days stripping paint from my stairs but trolls all say I made a big mistake | The Sun

STRIPPING paint is a chore at the best of times but for one mum, the one-day job became a week-long ordeal.

A user called YorkshirePudding00 shared her eight-day nightmare on TikTok, but trolls weren’t too sympathetic and claimed she made a silly mistake.

She captioned the video, seen by two million people: “The reality of paint stripper. One nervous breakdown, eight full days, one battered hoover.. Done.”

The clip begins with footage of the white upstairs bannister with paint flaking from the wood.

“I didn’t think it would be that much of a bad job because all these videos on TikTok make it look so incredibly easy,” she explains. 

The mum films herself on the first day, attempting to scrape the paint off the wood with little luck. 

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“It was at this point I realised I hadn’t put enough paint stripper on. More was lathered onto the bannister and it was just draining – I was getting nowhere,” she adds. 

As she pans across her stairs, there’s hundreds of paint flecks all over the carpet but the wood is still white as a sheet. 

“I felt like I was having a mental breakdown,” she confesses. “Finally it was coming off and it looked like I was down to the wood, but I wasn’t.” 

The former owners of the home had painted layer upon layer of white gloss over the top of bright red paint. 

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The TikTok user had to call in reinforcements – her dad – to help.

“He took over and at this point I had a nervous breakdown because the mess was just unbearable,” she explains, as the footage shows piles of dried paint all over the hall and down the stairs. 

“The red needed to come off as I was going over it with black and I’d already shattered a hoover trying to clean all the sticky stuff up,” she claims. 

Finally, with the help of a heat gun, the bannister was fully stripped and the tired mum painted it black. 

“This took eight days and around six to seven hours a day,” she reveals. “If you’re thinking of paint stripping, think again.”

Unfortunately, the tired mum’s followers had no sympathy and thought she made a big mistake.

“Could’ve just sanded it then painted it,” stated one user.

“All that just to paint it black,” said a second.

“Why didn’t you just paint it black?” asked a third. 

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Other viewers were appalled by her lack of dust sheets and said she should have covered the carpet to avoid all that mess.

She definitely won’t be doing it again.

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