I’m a traveller & love sharing cleaning tips – there’s an easy way to clean a crockpot which makes them look brand new | The Sun

AN IRISH traveller has revealed how she manages to get dirty crockpots looking as good as new after cooking.

Mum-of-two Heidi McDongh Clee, 32, showed in a video how her pot was left dirty and oily after cooking lamb.

She wrote: “This is my crockpot after doing a lamb dinner.

“You’re gonna rinse it with the water as hot as you can possibly take it.

“Do it again and put some squeezy in and let it steep whilst you are doing the rest of the kitchen.”

She then showed how you need to add more washing up liquid and bleach and scrub your pan until any food or grime is removed.

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Heidi continued: “Once you let it steep like three times with that scorching hot water it’s gonna come up like brand new.

“That’s all done.”

Her video has impressed viewers, with one saying: “Absolutely love watching your content. Love your cleaning and your selfcare nights.”

The traveller, who posts on TikTok under the username @h.mccc, recently shared a clip where she got to work on cleaning her kitchen, revealing her top tips and tricks along the way.

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Heidi said: “Spend the day with me doing a house reset.

“Anyone else, when they go away for the weekend and then they come back, it just feels like everything is condemned.

“Anyway, so I just bleached down the kitchen and now I'm doing these island chairs.

“I washed them all down, I've done the island and I'm just gonna scrub the floor. 

“I used to use Zoflora, but then I started using the Spanish cleaning stuff.

“I don't use bleach on the floor – it's natural wood and I just don't want to discolour it at all.

“So I use the disinfectant, the Spanish one and oh, my god – you’re missing a trick here.

“It’s like the smell has seeped into the wood and it just smells unreal.

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“It’s all shiny and finished.” 

As demonstrated in her video, Heidi used the Asevi Floor Cleaner concentrate.

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